Saturday, July 08, 2006

Here are some old photos from Mum's collection that I scanned.
I have heaps more, but it takes a while to do!
I will do the others gradually and put them up.
I have Mum's side and Dad's side this lot are from Mum's side - next batch will be from Dad's side.

I find the ones of Mum fascinating. In some of them she looks just like Michelle. In one she looks just like Claire (I've noted which ones). And some I initially thought couldn't be her because she looks so different in those to the others.

Mum 1945

Nan, Barbara, Christine and Colin Lincoln Rd 1946

Mum and Janet 1946

Mum at Barbara and Hartley's wedding 1948

Mum 1950

Mum 1951 (very Michelle-esque)

Mum 1951 No 2

Mum 1951 No 3

Mum 1952 (again - a dead ringer for Michelle)

Mum, Roy and Boy the dog Lincoln Rd 1952

Mum 1953 (in this one there is more resemblance to Claire)

Mum and Nan Hooper Torquay 1954

Nan Hooper and Aunty Lily

Mum and Ann Miles at St Peter's Youth Club Windmill End

Dad 1961


Blogger chris said...

This is John as I remember meeting him. Totally gorgeous! Don't let the Teddy boy look fool you he has always been a softie and a slave to fashion.

9:17 PM  

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